Finance Officer

Col Holly Scudder– Finance Officer

Hello there! My story with the squadron is rather short: joined two years ago and an active member since I was elected Finance Officer this year but I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering for the Bluebonnet Airsho since 2014. I’m originally from the Eastern Sierra’s in California from a little town called Bridgeport. Our airport was a tiny high altitude location that was surprisingly busy at times in the summer. I used the landing strip for rollerblading mostly and paid little attention to the planes.

I graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in Business Administration– Accounting and went to work at a CPA firm for a couple of years in their audit and tax departments. I moved on to work for a Native American gaming tribe in Northern California as their Chief Financial Officer for five years.

In 2012, I began working for a school district in CA as their CFO and met Mark Davis that summer. By mid-summer of 2013, my oldest son Jace and I were moving to Texas!

Funny story along the way: Mark asked me if it would be okay if we fit a few PT-26 parts that were in Southern CA into the moving truck to take back to TX. It sounded like it would

be fine… Until it was 106+ degrees and we had to unload most of the truck to get the wings and an engine in and then load it all up again. I learned that day what “a few airplane parts” actually means to an aviation enthusiast.

Fast forward to 2016 and we survived the move, we have a beautiful 2 yr old son, Jackson, and a teenager who tolerates us for the most part :) Although I would never have pictured myself living in TX 10 years ago, I love the change!

Even though I have no background in aviation I’ve seen so much hard work and dedication from everyone working at the hangar that it inspires me to help in the best way I can. That’s why you’ll probably never see me turning a wrench (it would be fun for me but not so much for anyone having to supervise me!) but you can always ask me about finances, marketing, fundraising, social media, etc. I’m always open for ideas on how we can keep things moving for the squadron so don’t hesitate to stop by and chat when you see me :)

Jackson and I are at the hangar at least once a week to do some accounting work and I’m always available via email if you need anything. Looking forward to meeting all our members!