Maintenance Officer

Col Juan Jimenez– Maintenance Officer

“Squadron member since 2005

Aviation Background

Aviation High School New York 1964 to 1967 - Airframe and Power plant License

Most memorable event – Graduation Day and helping put out a test cell fire in my junior year

United States Marine Corps 1968 to 1972 - Aircraft Ordnance and Jet Engine Mechanic Bell Helicopters (Heuy’s), F4 Phantoms and A6 Intruders.

Most memorable event – Coming home in 1970 and getting fined $100 for shooting a water buffalo one rainy night (I thought it was a VC)

Aviation Career

I continued to work in aviation after leaving the Marines, starting with building A-10’s on night crew while attending college and my first engineering job as a junior methods engineer at Pan American Airways. This position consisted of writing inspection and maintenance procedures at JFK. And by the way, we had the best looking Stews in the industry.

I transitioned to aircraft systems (avionics, countermeasures, communications and night vision systems) in a number of engineering positions and companies over the years and I am currently employed at BAE Systems as a Systems Engineer.

I joined HLS Squadron in 2005 and had the privilege to work with and be mentored by an outstand human being, Carl Vernon. I took over as the maintenance officer from Carl in 2009. Maintaining 70 year old aircraft over the last few years has been a challenge to say the least.

I believe the best part of being the maintenance officer has been the great interactions with the maintainers. We have a great dedicated team of maintainers who are always available to insure safe and reliable aircraft for the flight crews. I can’t thank them enough.”