Safety Officer

Col John Knapp– Safety Officer

“Born in Beaver Falls PA. Just your average kid, youngest of 5. When around 14 years old I would bicycle 6 miles to the Beaver Co. Airport to watch the planes, and once a year sneak into the Airshow they would have. After high school I worked in the local Steel Mill, Babcock & Wilcox as an overhead crane operator. At the time, thinking “I’ll be here till I die like every other person in the area.” Well, God gave me a reprieve. The mill folded 2 years later (1982). I then worked as a welder/truck driver for a local industrial plumbing co.About 8 years later, (1990) after the passing of my mother, and my father out of rehab after having a stroke, I moved to Winston-Salem, NC. (My sister lived there) At that time my lovely girlfriend moved down to be with me. She was with Pepsi CSC. I ended up getting work with the Senior Golf Tour as a truck driver, and it also entailed setting up the scoreboards and operating them. I traveled all over the US and Canada with the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour.

1997 Tracy and I married and moved to Round Rock, TX. She was hired at Dell and I worked at Travis Boats for 12 months. In 1998 our son was born and I became “Mr. Mom”, and I’m still Mr. Mom, just a whole new ball game now. LOL. Now for years I’ve collected and restored old Porsches. You see, back when our son Alex was about 9, he showed an interest in WWII planes. We came out to Burnet to see the planes, we had a great time. The tour guide was our own Ed Holley. He did such a great job of selling the Squadron, I ended up joining. (Now you know who to blame! LOL)

So now you know the rest of the story.........."