No experience in aviation? No problem! We welcome anyone who is interested in learning and lending a hand. Our squadron is run 100% through member volunteers. Everything we accomplish is through the hard work and dedication of our members and we welcome new faces.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available? We have several different volunteer opportunities:

PILOTS We currently have four planes under our squadron: C-47, known as the Texas Zephyr, SNJ/T-6 Trainer, L-17 Navion & the PT-19. Our pilots are given the opportunity to fly throughout the year both in and out of Texas.

AIRCRAFT RIDE SALES We love to take people up for a ride in our planes! We need volunteers who will work hard to fill our flights every time we are at an event or host a ride day at our hangar.

MECHANICS Since we try to keep our pilots busy flying our planes, the mechanics are never idle. They hold themselves to the highest standards for restoring and maintaining these WWII planes.


Our event staff accompany the flight crew or travel on their own to help staff the events we attend. Some will work the PX, others will give tours on the planes and help event set-up/clean-up.


Our crew chiefs have several responsibilities to make sure the flights are conducted safely and everything is in working order. This includes fueling, pre-flight inspections and passenger briefings.

MARKETING & WEBSITE We are always in need of volunteers who have the background and/or the passion to help us market our organization through our website and social media. If this is your cup of tea, come join us!

MUSEUM Our museum staff greet our visitors at the hangar and answer any questions they have during their visit. The museum houses several displays of WWII artifacts and the history behind them. We also have a small gift shop.


This is our biggest event and volunteers are needed in every area. Being a volunteer also gets you free admission!

FUNDRAISING Have a knack for fundraising? We are 100% funded through the generous donations we receive at our museum, events and fundraisers.

No matter where your talent or passion for volunteering lands, we have opportunities for everyone. So, come on out to the hangar and visit with us! One of our current members will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you have.

If you’ve already decided you want to be a part of the CAF and our squadron and would like to become a member, please contact us at hlscaf@gmail.com to request a membership application and materials or fill out the online application and submit the $25 membership. You must be a member of the CAF to be a member of any unit.