Newsletter Editor Bio

Col Ed Holley– Newsletter Editor

Colonel Ed Holley, 66, has been a member of the CAF for 15 years as part of the Highland Lakes Squadron (HLS). I have a pilot’s license obtained at the age of 17 while still in high school (tailwheel qualified – not presently current), hold a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas in community planning and have worked in several fields including economic consulting, transportation, house remodeling and title research for the oil and gas industry. “I served with the U.S. Naval Air Reserve as a Photographic Interpreter for six years. This involved reviewing aerial photographs and annotating what was observed for inclusion in a database packet. These packets of information were available for reference by active duty pilots engaged in assignments.

During my time with HLS I have served as continuous point of contact for the squadron as I live about five minutes from the hangar. For several years I worked as the editor of the squadron newsletter, The Hangar Rash, and am currently serving as the Executive Officer and unofficially as Officer in Charge of Worry!

During my time with the Squadron we have bought and paid for a C-47 aircraft, Bluebonnet Belle, and I took an active part in raising funds to pay off our debt; was involved strenuously in the refurbishment and maintenance of Belle to the extent a non-licensed person is allowed.

I am intimately involved with the ongoing operations of the Squadron helping find parts, coordinate activities of people visiting the museum or using our facility for dances, weddings or birthday parties. Working continuously to find ways to increase our visibility in the community and recruit new members. It is my goal to help grow the HLS into one of the premier units of the CAF.”

If you see Ed out at the hangar, stop by and say hello, swap stories and let him know if you have any ideas for the squadron. He is always ready to talk shop and is a great resource for squadron history.

Thanks Ed for all your work and years of service at Highland Lakes Squadron!