Harvey Relief Efforts

UPDATE (September 7, 2017):

***We want to thank each and every one of our donors that supported the Highland Lakes Squadron's C-47 Bluebonnet Belle Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts. At this time, our C-47 is not scheduled to transport supplies for awhile as the roads are opening up and the trucks have mostly taken over the job of transporting supplies. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep in touch with agencies that may need Belle to fly again.

Your donations flew in over 24,000 lbs of water, food, cleaning supplies, diapers and other much needed supplies to some of the hardest hit areas: Beaumont and Orange, TX. Belle and her crews started flying Friday, September 1st and flew home on the evening of September 4th after delivering the last load of supplies to Orange, TX. Total: 6 Sorties and 13.6 hours flown.

The experience was one that our volunteer crews will never forget. From the bird's-eye view showing homes submerged with water up to the rooftops to the ground operation where volunteers worked tirelessly to unload and distribute supplies, the experience was both heartbreaking and uplifting. While we hope that there is never a disaster where our services are needed again, we will be working hard to make sure Belle is always ready to fly.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization. The thousands of hours that go into the maintenance of three WWII airplanes, running a WWII museum and flying in airshow's and other events is a huge endeavor. With the hard work of each member and the generous support of our community and donors, we continue to share an important part of our country's history with several generations.

Thank you once again for your support! We hope to see you soon at the hangar in Burnet, TX or at one of the many airshow's we attend. Our own CAF Highland Lakes Airsho is coming up this Saturday September 9th, so if you're in the area please stop on by and say hello!

To donate to the CAF- Highland Lakes Squadron and keep Bluebonnet Belle flying click here.***

September 1st, 2017:

The Highland Lakes Squadron's C-47, "Bluebonnet Belle", is up and flying to help in the ongoing Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Belle is uniquely equipped as a cargo/personnel transport aircraft and we are ready to fly in support of our fellow Texans and others who have experienced tragedy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We are currently working with several agencies to transport whatever they need, wherever we can fly in and out of, including smaller communities in the affected areas.

To make this happen we are asking our community of supporters for help to cover the costs of aircraft expenses for these missions. Our pilots and crews are ready to fly as much as Belle can take, so it's up to us to keep her flying those supplies where they are needed! Any donation is appreciated and will keep Belle doing what she was designed to do: transporting and supporting people in need.

Thank you for your continued support! Please follow us on Facebook for updates on where Belle and her crew is going to next!

Bluebonnet Belle and her crew getting loaded up with supplies at Georgetown before flying to Beaumont on September 1, 2017.